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Tips to Creating Perfect Menu For Your Wedding

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Your wedding is all about you, but when it comes to food, you need to think about guests as well. Food plays such an integral part of your wedding and food can make or break your wedding day impressions. Your wedding guests want something unique and creative but actually finding the inspiration for your wedding reception menu can be quite a challenge.

If you are not sure where to start in creating your wedding reception menu, here’re some tips to kick things off:

Upfront with your budget
Weddings are expensive and expenses can rise quickly if you don’t have a plan. Every decision from serving style to cocktail appetizers to number of guests impacts your cost. So it’s always good to know your budget before meeting with your caterer and it also help you stay on track. When you are interviewing your caterer, state your food and beverage budget so that they can present options within the right price range.

Settle on style
Every couple has their own ideas on reception style so decide what kind of reception suits your big day. If you want meal to be the focus, then opt for sit-down with multiple courses. Expecting music and dancing to be the main event? Consider dining style less formal with menu like passed appetizers and finger foods. The timing and length of key receptions moments like speeches can also help guide your menu style.Discuss the various options with your caterer or venue coordinator to find out prices for your wedding reception menu.

Go local and utilize seasonal flavors
It’s about giving your guests the most flavorful food made from highest quality ingredients. Using in season food from your local farm will significantly improve your meal quality. It sure makes a huge difference in how food will taste. Consider what’s fresh and what’s currently in season while planning your wedding catering menu, providing something unique, exciting, and special on your menu instead of typical run-of-the-mill flavors.Ask your caterer or research what’s in season and easily available in and around your wedding location.

Food presentation is just as important as the food itself. Wedding guests are expecting best meal and beautiful presentation can be the better way to show your unique and creative dishes. Work with your catering service to design creative plating techniques to provide the wow factor during your reception. Use a range of colors and textures that are not only tasty, but look nice together.

Don’t forget the entertainment
Sometimes how you serve the food can also make your beautiful day a day to remember. If meal is the focus of the wedding reception you can entertain your guests by hiring a sushi chef to create customizable rolls or provide creative dessert buffet.

Add personal touches
Your wedding is all about you and your spouse so why shouldn’t the food reflect that? Consider your personal style and preferences when planning a unique and creative catering menu. Consider your favorite foods, dishes that reflect your culture and foods that have meaning to you like first date meal, etc. to create a creative menu. A great way to make your menu fun is to include a few modern twists on delicious classics. Try to please your guests but don’t forget the guests of honor. Also don’t forget about dietary restrictions.

Signature cocktails
A signature drink is a finishing touch to your party. Work with your caterer to create exciting drink options keeping in mind both seasonal and favorite ingredients.

Keep these tips in mind when you’re planning the perfect wedding reception menu. Looking for right caterer for your big day, we at O'sheas Catering can help you to cater the perfect meal at your wedding. Contact us at (360) 481-2874 for your any catering needs, be it for wedding or corporate events catering.