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Winter Wedding Planning Tips to Consider

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Not every wedding is a spring or summer wedding. Some couples favor winter weddings. Winter wedding can be just as magical and romantic with snow and white background and even budget friendly. Venues are often less expensive and can be available on your choice of date. With winter wedding not as popular June wedding, you can get great discounts on photographer, transportation. You can reuse venue’s own decorations, swap champagne for mulled wine and toast hot chocolate and much more.

But there are few inevitable issues that go hand in hand with winter weddings during darker months. So you will need to take into account when you are planning. Here are just a few you’ll want to think about before you start sending save the dates.

Prepare for worst case weddings
Winter weather has its bout of unexpected weather forecast. You are lucky if your wedding day is sunny but if not you need to make sure you have a plan in case weather turns bad. Ask hotel if they will offer discounts on extra nights or encourage your guests to arrive a day early.

Plan for extra expenses Not all areas of wedding plans can have discounts. Flowers can get a bit pricier with not much blooms and you may have to forgo your first or second choice blooms. Air fare and destination hotels may have higher price if your wedding falls around holidays. You can save expenses by having your wedding in your home town.

Winter weather could mean unexpected bouts of bad weather making transportation a little bit of a problem. This is important from time you get into car to get to church or wherever you are doing the ceremony and the reception venue. You can choose reception and ceremony venues closer or better yet choose a venue that can hold both ceremony and reception at the same place. This will make transport easier in case of bad weather.

Travel time
If you are planning winter wedding, you need to consider the extra travel time into your wedding plan. It is no secret that winter weather can make travel more difficult so make plans to deal to with potential elements of nature and the problems it could cause on the roadways.

Shorter days
It gets darker much quicker and earlier in the winter and there is no way around it. So adjust your photo schedule for more light during the day. Shorter days could also impact overall theme of your wedding as well. Your reception can be lapse into darkness but add candles to create romantic scene with winter wonderland.

Color scheme
Winter doesn’t mean everything has to be white. This season does lend itself to different pairings than summer weddings. You can totally incorporate a wide palette of colors into your winter wedding.

Well, it isn’t the season for colorful blooms and some flowers are downright impossible for your bouquets and décor but it is always a good idea to check with florist about what’s in season and work from there.

Embrace the season
You have great choices when it comes to winter decorations – twinkling lights, candles and if you are getting married in a church around Christmas, you don’t have to worry about décor because church will be decked out. You can add hints of winter romance with lots of natural greenery.

When it comes to food, you can welcome guests with hot chocolate drinks, eggnog, soups to keep warm from inside and cheery for the rest of the wedding.

Choose the right wedding gown
With colder temperatures, you can choose your wedding dress that is both unique and also keep your warm. You don’t want to look shivering with pale skin during your ceremony and in photos, right? Choose long sleeves dress or add wrap over your dress. Invest in winter accessories like faux fur, stole, veil, a cape etc. You also need to choose an alternative pair of shoes to wear outside and then change into your wedding shoes inside the venue.

Your bridesmaids also need to be warm and comfortable so choose the dresses accordingly for them as well. Wraps are also good idea for them.

Winter wedding can be utterly romantic and magical with its snowy background allowing you to get creative but it does present its own challenges. These tips you can use when you are planning a winter wedding. With plans in place for any unexpected problems, you can have magnificent wedding in winter.