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Wedding Budget Management

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From budget perspective, wedding is stressful to both sides—bride and groom. It plays crucial role in wedding—from planning to execution of the event. Wedding plan will work as a tool in drafting tentative wedding cost. I know you do not want to compromise with anything in your wedding but you have to act as per the weight of your wallet or bank account. Despite the fact here below are few budget tips which will surely help you to organize your wedding without any compromise.

Guest list

Make your guest list. Plan whether you want to elaborate it with huge numbers of guests or want intimate ceremony with core circles–family members and close friends. Your wedding budget is directly associated with the numbers of invitees.


After finalizing the numbers of invitees trace out wedding location. If budget is constraints, then check out nontraditional venues such as gallery, aquarium, civic gardens, restaurants or more offbeat locations that have special meaning for you and your partner. If the selected venue is not equipped to cater a party, calculate extra costs for bringing in tables, toilets or even a kitchen. For timings, consider booking a 3-hour event instead of a 5-hour or more.

Time it right

Consider the season. You are likely to get venue in discounted price in January whereas the same spot will cost high in the month of June because it is peak season for marriage. You can save money on ceremony decorations if you are marrying in holiday seasons as churches and halls are already decorated. Schedule the wedding date in off-peak times such as any other day except Saturday or Sunday. Most venue charge a premium for a Saturday night. An afternoon wedding will cost less than evening. So consider all these things before wedding as this will surely lower your marriage budget.

Food and Drinks

Opt for daytime reception. It is easier to serve lunch or brunch than dinner. Have a lunch or an afternoon tea reception instead of a dinner. Guests tend to drink less during the day. Alcohols are the biggest expenses of a wedding denting your budget badly. Serve signature cocktails that use one type of liquor and stock few other bottles based on wedding party’s preferences. Another option is just to serve beer.

Consider renting dress

Wedding dresses are only worn once so pretty much can be new. Dress shopping can be pretty expensive. If you feel you need to cut some cost, then better go through few bridal boutiques where you will get variety of wedding dresses in rent. The same thing can be done in case of groom.

Flowers and decorations

In-season flowers are budget friendly in comparison to off-season flowers. You can choose to have one or two in-season flowers and create centerpieces. Set wedding dates on holidays as churches and halls are already decorated at this time around. You can insert paper flowers or confetti and greenery instead of real flowers in between couple of your favorite flowers.

Musical moments and memories

If you want some light music in your wedding, then look for music students from nearby universities. This is less costly. If you want non-classical music for your reception, a DJ will be much cheaper than hiring a whole band. Select good photographer in place of professional camera person.


You can request a vehicle from your friend for wedding ride. This is really inexpensive in comparison to limo.